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Green Backdrop

(Suitable for Kindergarten, Year 1 - Year 4)


2.50 hours of play at Rulina Royal Indoors.


 Use of indoor bouncing castles, toys and lunch tables. 

2 Attendants/Animators

Background Music & Use of Stage

Use of LED Screens

Free use of outdoor Carousel Ride and Play Ground only if 

Weather permits.



Minimum of 25 kids up to 50 kids.

€10.00/child (excl VAT) 

€11.80/child (incl VAT)

Extra kids with more than 50

€7.00/child (excl VAT)

(€8.26/child (incl VAT)

OPTIONAL:  Food and Drink (Nuggets and Chips or Pizza)

For up to 50 Kids: 

€4.50 (excl VAT) / child

€5.31 (incl VAT) / child

For each extra kid with more than 50

€3.50 (excl VAT) /child

€4.13 (incl VAT) / child

For further information and booking, kindly contact our events manager via WhatsApp at 99825121 or send an email to

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