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Course Description

At Teen & Kids Modelling Courses, we specialize in empowering young models to reach their personal goals in the modelling industry. Our courses provide the foundation to become successful in the modelling world. We teach essential skills such as posture, catwalk, poses and interview techniques. We also help our young students learn how to be creative in photography and to build their personal portfolio. With these tools, we open the doors to new and exciting opportunities to our most promising students.

Modelling Course Fee (Prices are including VAT) 

Class Option 1:

Class Option 2:

Small Groups:  

Duration:  1 hour

No of lessons:  10

Course Fee:  €100

18% VAT: €18

Total Incl VAT:  €118

Individual/One to One

Duration:  45 minutes

Fee per lesson:  €25

18% VAT:  €4.50

Total Incl VAT:  €29.50

Group Session 1.jpg

Applications Closed

Ages 5yrs - 12yrs : 5.15pm - 6.15pm

Ages 9yrs - 12yrs : 4.00pm - 5.00pm

Ages 13yrs - 19yrs : 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Applications Closed

Ages 5yrs - 8yrs : 6.15pm - 7.15pm

Location:  Qormi

Payment Methods:

Additional Information:

Revolut or BOV  Mobile Pay at 99825121. 

(Payment must reach us two days before the term starts.)

  • Students must arrive at the studio 5 minutes before class and finish on time.

  • External Food is not allowed in the studio

  • Students must bring their water.

  • Personal toys and material things are not allowed in the studio.

  • Missing classes are not refundable.  

  • The school has the right to cancel the session.  In such a case,  students will be notified, and the lesson will be postponed.

Thank you for your Cooperation.

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